Thursday, November 1, 2007

Politican X is a jerk

I sure hope they don't win the election in whatever municipality/county/district/state/nation they are running for office in because they lie/cheat/steal/rob/poke/eat babies/aren't Colbert.

Instead, here are some pictures of valid candidates to oppose them.
Commie Goomba - Because Goombas are as weak as it gets, and because Communism is so out of style, this would appear to be a terrible candidate. Yet even a Goomba would do better than Politician X.

Comman-Dante - because even though he can't spell and wasn't supposed to come in to work today, he would be better than Politician X

The real contender?

Neville Longbottom as Che. For, well, exclusively for purposes of bad-assery. Political opinions not at all withstanding, Che-Neville is just way, way cooler than Politicain X and would kick sand in his face. Metaphroically. With MAGIC.

So, in short, don't support Politician X